this is what happens when I try to take a nice picture of myself. every time.


this is what happens when I try to take a nice picture of myself. every time.

 Anonymous asked: "YO YO YO so this might be a bit of a big thing to ask but do you think you could make an updated gifset of Jamie? you know what I mean?"

Yeah, absolutely, it’s no trouble at all! The thing is though that I haven’t had internet connection for a while now and don’t know when that’s being fixed :( (I’m mobile blogging right now btw)

 Anonymous asked: "Can you explain what you guys are doing? Like i'm seeing all of these gifs and awesomeness, but WHYY?!?! i'm dying of curiousity"

omg I’m not really sure what you’re asking anon, can you elaborate what you mean by that because I’m confused haha :)

  • attractive friend: holy shit i’m ugly
  • other friends: omfg you’re gorgeous WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT
  • me: holy shit i’m ugly
  • other friends: nervous laughter

Draw My Life (x)

 jxniorslump asked: "your gifs of backpack jetpack were so beautiful and high quality and it was only like 240p you are a wizard i swear"

omfg I love you, thank you! I’m no wizard though, no matter how much I dream :(

 Anonymous asked: "i thought only pj and sophie were living together?"

I honestly don’t know? I’ve been disconnected from the whole gang for over a month and am only just getting caught up in all the stuff I missed, so I honestly have no idea :(

 Anonymous asked: "hello there! thank you for fueling fire that is my crush on PJ. Could I perhaps request some 'Colour Bandits' gifs? There are quite a few that exist already but it's so beautiful I can't get enough! thank you, I adore this blog!"

Aw thank you honey, your message made me so happy :) And of course I’ll make them! I probably won’t get to them until Tuesday, really sorry for the delay :( (and for anyone else who’s been requesting)

thewirrow said: Maybe he moved in with Georgie?

Very possible! I haven’t been keeping up with their twitters lately so I don’t really know what they’ve been up to.

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PJ’s new video makes me so nostalgic because it reminds me of home videos from the nineties.

 Anonymous asked: "may i ask for gifs of pj in the end of his behind the scenes video? thank"

Yes, absolutely! :)

 Anonymous asked: "Does anyone know what happened to James?? Does he just not like filmmaking? or does he not live with them anymore? (actually who does PJ live with now? Sophie & Louis I think but I remember Jamie tweeting about moving back north and then being homeless??) I dunno, just curious. Any idea?"

I was wondering the same thing! I think PJ, Sophie, Louis, and Jamie all live together in their new place, but I don’t know what happened to James :(

 Anonymous asked: "do you know how old is Jamie?"

I believe he’s 22 :) *taylor swift song playing in the background*